Where Your Attention Goes, Your Life Goes.

Where Your Attention Goes, Your Life Goes. – Martha Beck


love this life that I live.  Sure, there are bumps in the road, but it is my choice how I perceive those bumps.  I can either perceive them as negative and a time of suffering or neutral and a time of growth and opportunity.  It is all about the perspective we choose to have.  This is so comforting, because I realize that I have control over how I feel.  I can carefully select what I think and what I believe and depending on what I choose, I can live a life filled with peaceease, and love or a life filled with confusion, anger, and/or disappointment.  It is such a beautiful thing!  It is my choice and in that is pure freedom.  Simple, yet oh! so beautiful.

My favorite teacher, Martha Beck, says, “Where your attention goes, your life goes.”  She shares a similar analogy as the one I am about to share.

Evan, being a professional kayaker, kayaks class five rapids and many of the rivers he paddles include rocks, trees, debris, etc. that can be very dangerous if he were to hit them.  So how does he manage to get down the river safe and sound, 95% of the time?  He focuses solely on the CLEAN and SAFE lines.  In life, it is much the same.  If I were to attach myself to every negative thought I had or any thought of the past or future, that tensed up my body or made me feel bad inside, I would probably lead a dangerous life for myself and for others.  However, if I observed a thought, just as Evan would observe a rock in the river, and then decide to re-direct my attention back to this moment, where there are no thoughts at all, or in Evans case, back to the safe line in front of him, then I would move through life or a river, gracefully and safely.  There would be no attachment to any thought or rock, per se, which means I wouldn’t  be effected by any thought or rock in the river.

I want to live like this.  I want to become more and more aware of my thoughts, so that when I notice a negative shift in my body, I will know that I am focusing on something I shouldn’t be focusing on.  If Evan were to begin focusing on a rock in the river, realizing that he was getting closer and closer to it, he would immediately focus his attention on a different part of the river, a better route, which would steer him to a safe and easy way of the river .  So although I may be babbling on, I just want to remind everyone, including myself, that life doesn’t have to be hard.  It can be easy and amazingly amazing, if we just realize that where our attention goes, our life goes.  It is ALL ABOUT the PERSPECTIVE you choose to have.  Change your thoughts, change your life.


#HormonalAcne: What To Do and How To Treat It After Going off the Pill.


Does #hormonalacne ring a bell?  It sounds all too familiar to me.  Luckily, I have been very blessed to have found a Naturopath who has helped me balance my hormones and treat my acne.  However, if you are struggling with this and desperately need some insight, this article will give you just that!  #DrNatalieKringoudis shares with us how to treat hormonal acne and what steps to take when first going off of the pill.  Acne isn’t easy to deal with, but with the right support and self-care it can be easier than you know. 


Martha Beck + Huff Post: 10 Life Lessons you should UNLEARN


Here she is again, Mrs. Martha Beck!

I just love this woman and her work.

Here is the article that she recently wrote for The Huffington Post:   10 Life Lessons that you should UNLEARN.

It is a MUST READ.


My STROKE of Insight, By Jill Bolte Taylor

–My STROKE of insight — by Jill Bolte Taylor–

To whomever is reading this: I don’t know where you may be or what you may be doing, but if you take twenty minutes to watch this TedTalk, by Jill Bolte Taylor, you will feel something inside of you wake up. You will be filled with an enormous amount of gratitude, love, and peace. You will feel spirit inside of you.


Rain: Let’s Embrace it!

Living in the Northwest, it is almost impossible to avoid the rain. Actually, let me re-phrase that, it is impossible. Over the past couple of days, of non-stop rain showers, I have realized that there is something special about the rain; it is Nature at its finest. The trees, rivers, and every other aspect of Nature’s surroundings, embrace it and take what they need in order to thrive. So rather than complaining about the rain, I have decided to find joy in the rain and accept it gracefully for what it is: Pure and Natural Beauty.