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Hello, Errrrbody!

How is everyone FEELING today?  I wish I could actually hear each and every one of your responses!  But because that isn’t possible, I want you to shoot me back a ONE WORD response to this question.  It will be fun to see everyones responses.  P.S. BE REAL.

Today’s topic?

Introducing NEW and free MATERIAL for you all!

I created a new audio and video for you guys, and it is time you see it and hear it!

As many of you may NOT know, I am REVAMPING the Relationship Repair Kit.

In 48 hours my prices will go up (all deets coming your way soon) and there will be TEN more spots open for my three week online program.

HOW EXCITING is that!?

If you are NEW to me and to The Relationship Repair Kit, go HERE to check out all the yummy deets.

This program is for people who want to create a better relationship between themselves and the voice inside of their head that makes them feel crazy. 

It is for the folks who know DEEP DOWN that they are meant for BIG THINGS, a happier life, and more fulfilling relationships, but they can’t seem to move past the voice inside of their head, who tells them that they will never make it,they aren’t good enough, they need to be better, and/or everyone else has already done it, why even bother?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Let me shoot some TRUTH your way:

“Our relationships with others can ONLY be as GOOD as the relationship we have with ourselves.”

That is some #SOLIDTRUTH.

That is WHY I created this online program, so I can help you become better friends with yourself and that voice inside of your head that BEATS YOU UP.  As you begin to treat yourself with more kindness and compassion and make space between who you TRULY ARE and the voice inside of your head, you will see how your external relationships with others will begin to reflect the changes inside of yourself.  It is REMARKABLE.

If you are in a crappy situation (new or ongoing), and your’e not sure how to maneuver your way through it, take this step.  Sign up for this program.  By taking this step, you are telling the Universe that you are READY to make a change in your life and you’re serious about your happiness.

As Oprah Says: “Turn your wounds into wisdom.”

I want to MEET and WORK with people who are willing to INVEST in their own happiness.  Why?  Because those are the folks who make SHIT happen.


If anything I wrote in this email resonated with you, head on over to my website (sign in required) to check out the audio and video I created for you guys!

Heads up:  The quality of the video is not the best.  My lovely boyfriend/filmmaker who shoots my videos is off in Peru doing his thang!  So apologies for the bad quality.  It will be better next time, I promise.

Sending you all so much LOVE!

Click HERE for the audio and video!

(FYI: The audio and video are in a secret place on my website, that can only be accessed by signing up, i.e., name and email, so don’t be alarmed when it asks you to sign in.)

P.S. Speaking of my man, if you want to see the craziest shit of your life, watch him here in Norway, kicking some serious booty on the river!

P.S.S.  Don’t forget to REPLY with your ONE WORD feeling state!