An Old Cherokee Teaches his Grandson about Life…

When I first laid eyes on this powerful saying I knew that it was a special message which should be shared! 🙂

Life is only ‘how good’ or ‘how bad’ you perceive it to be. You have the power to decide which “wolf” plays the larger roll in your life. Carefully choose your thoughts and direct your energy to the positive light within you.

“You are stronger then you choose to believe”.

Buddha Quote

This quote can be inspiring and educational for all of us.

I think we can all admit to saying a hurtful thing or two to another person because we were feeling angry, sad, disappointed, etc. Looking back we may wish we would have acted differently. Well I believe if we took one minute everyday to read this quote and remind ourselves of it before acting upon our negative emotions, we could become kinder and happier individuals.

Think of a time when someone said a hurtful remark to you. How did that make you feel? Probably not the best right? Well try to remember this the next time you feel yourself acting unkindly towards another person, and then ask yourself how you would feel if someone was going to treat you unkindly.
We have control over our thoughts and words. We must choose them wisely. 🙂


Live OpenHeartedly “With Horses”

Deepak Chopra along with his daughter, Mallika Chopra, have created a program called The 30 Days of Intent. The 30 Days of Intent is to help individuals become more aware of their authentic selves by living with intention. They follow two individuals, YouTube star, Iman Crosson and professional athlete and entrepreneur, Natalie Spilger for 30 days, capturing their personal progress and marking their journey.

The episode I chose to share with you focuses on living with an open heart. This episode was very touching because they demonstrated how the relationship between a human and a horse can reflect the present state of ones heart . Horses can feel your emotional, spiritual, and physical state. They are able to sense your energy and when they do they respond accordingly. It is magical!

The message which I am trying to convey through this blog post is to live open heartedly. As you will see, after watching this video, living with an open heart enables you to live your life to its fullest potential, while living with a closed heart only holds you back from life’s infinite possibilities.



I love this quote, by Carrie Bradshaw, from Sex and The City.
There are no rules when it comes to relationships. There is no “right way” or “wrong way”. There is simply the “perfect way” that works for you and your significant other.

And at times it may be difficult but if the happy times out weigh the tough times, then continue loving him or her with all of your heart. They never said it was easy, but they did say it was WORTH IT! 🙂


Beautiful Fall Day!

It was a gorgeous day today in Montana! A friend and I decided to take our horses out for a Fall ride! This picture captures us crossing the river, which is currently around 40 to 50 degrees. Brrr! The horses didn’t seem to mind though. 🙂

I have a love and passion for horses! Whether I am riding or just spending time with them, they have a way of calming me and filling me with peace and happiness.

It is an amazing feeling to experience; the connection between a human and a horse. There are really no words to describe it. Oh wait! I can think of one word, FREEDOM! Pure FREEDOM!