Tomorrow is a New Day… Ralph Waldo Emerson

This quote spoke to me!
Many of us bring our baggage from yesterday into today. Yesterday is over, gone, and done with! Today is new, fresh, and lovely! The way we choose to view the day is how it will look and feel to us!
As Ralph Waldo Emerson quoted,
Wake up and breathe in the fresh air, look outside and take in all that surrounds you! The trees, flowers, mountains, hills, birds chirping, whatever Mother Earth has to offer you, and be grateful!

Life is too short to be worried by yesterdays struggles or tomorrows what if’s, today is all we have! Make it count!

Change your thoughts, change your world!


Think Small: Alastair Humphreys at TEDxOxbridge

Wow! I found a video that held my attention for longer than 10 minutes! Not to say that I don’t find videos inspiring if they are 10 minutes or shorter, but I haven’t found a inspiring video that has held my attention in a little white! 🙂 (That also may be because I haven’t been looking ;)) shhhh…

Well this video inspired me! Alastair Humphreys talks about worthwhile adventures- big or small adventures. He quotes it ever so very nicely when he says, “Adventure is just about doing something you’ve never done— doing it with enthusiasm and curiosity: doing something difficult with… passion.”
That was KEY for me. Without having watched the video and only seeing that last part of his quote, I knew this video was going to be a hit!

I love adventure, but at times I think it needs to be over the top to be actually called an adventure. That is not true. We can do small things that we have never done before and call it an adventure… like riding your bike to work or taking a new route to work.

I love writing, inspiring people, listing to other’s inspiring stories, being with nature, traveling, creating art work… so if I could combine all that I love and make it into some type of adventure I think the outcome would be amazing!

We must begin somewhere even if it is small. SMALL is good! It is a start that could lead to something great!

ENJOY the TEDx Talk video by Alastair Humphreys. Cheers! 🙂

Happy Exit, Next Right! :)

Inner Happiness, Self-Love, and Self-growth cannot be manifested over night. Just as becoming a better athlete takes months and months of training and dedication, so does self-growth.

If we want to seek positive changes, we must take responsibility for every area of our lives and commit to becoming better people.

When I first embarked on my journey, I was a very unhappy young woman. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life, I was in a dysfunctional relationship, which consumed every part of me, and I was surrounding myself with people who brought the worst out in me.
I had reached my limit and I knew it was time to make significant changes in my life so I could become happier.

Throughout a two-year span I tried as hard I as I possibly could to make substantial shifts in my life. Although at times I struggled and felt as if there was no light shining on my path, I kept pushing myself until I reached a place of contentment.

And today, I continue to work on improving myself, daily. There are no tricks, but only the ample want and desire to better yourself!
Take time each day or different times throughout the day to remind yourself of who you are, what you stand for, and what you want in life. Then strive for that each day and I can promise you that your life will become more rewarding and fulfilling!

You must first take a step in the right direction! Commit yourself, do the work, and watch your life transform.

Below I have listed the positive changes I made in my life throughout the past three years and habits I continue to work on daily.

1. I read every self-help book that I thought would help me become happier.
2. I left where I was living and the people I was surrounding myself with.
3. I moved back home to re-center myself.
4. Traveled.
5. Realized that my thoughts were causing me pain so I made a New Years resolution to start controlling my thoughts or at least be more aware of them.
6. Started trying to live in the moment, forgetting about the past, and allowing the future to be the future.
7. Wrote A LOT!!! (Expressed myself)
8. Surrounded myself with loving and supportive friends.
9. Listened to my heart, not my head.
10. Fell in love with myself.
11. Fell in love with a great and loving young man.
12. Created a Happiness Blog.
13. Dedicated time for myself, daily.
14. Found a new passion, unexpectedly.
15. Traveled again and had a life changing experience.
16. Began meditating daily.

Practices I continue to work on…
1. Living in the moment
2. Controlling my thoughts
3. Meditation
4. Living life through my heart not my head (ego).
5. Place no judgments upon anyone, including myself.
5. Leave my ego aside.
6. Gratitude Journals.
7. Happiness Journals.
8. Writing
9. Seek the positives in all situations! There is always something great to take away from a hard time.
10. Replacing thoughts of limitation to thoughts of abundance.
11. Continue to accept and love my body just as it is!

The only person holding you back from a beautiful life is yourself! It is hard to digest, but once you accept this fact you will be able to move forward and slowly change the way you view your life and yourself. You must start somewhere!

Paulo Coelho’s “9 Traveling Tips”

Paulo Coelho, Author of The Alchemist, shares with us his 9 traveling tips! I think the one tip that stuck with me is to travel alone! This I have yet to do, but I can foresee it happening sometime in my life:)

My Top 9 Travel Tips

I realised very early on that, for me, travelling was the best way of learning. I still have a pilgrim soul, and I thought that I would use this blog to pass on some of the lessons I have learned, in the hope that they might prove useful to other pilgrims like me.

1. Avoid museums. This might seem to be absurd advice, but let’s just think about it a little: if you are in a foreign city, isn’t it far more interesting to go in search of the present than of the past? It’s just that people feel obliged to go to museums because they learned as children that travelling was about seeking out that kind of culture. Obviously museums are important, but they require time and objectivity – you need to know what you want to see there, otherwise you will leave with a sense of having seen a few really fundamental things, except that you can’t remember what they were.

2. Hang out in bars. Bars are the places where life in the city reveals itself, not in museums. By bars I don’t mean nightclubs, but the places where ordinary people go, have a drink, ponder the weather, and are always ready for a chat. Buy a newspaper and enjoy the ebb and flow of people. If someone strikes up a conversation, however silly, join in: you cannot judge the beauty of a particular path just by looking at the gate.

3. Be open. The best tour guide is someone who lives in the place, knows everything about it, is proud of his or her city, but does not work for any agency. Go out into the street, choose the person you want to talk to, and ask them something (Where is the cathedral? Where is the post office?). If nothing comes of it, try someone else – I guarantee that at the end of the day you will have found yourself an excellent companion.

4. Try to travel alone or – if you are married – with your spouse. It will be harder work, no one will be there taking care of you, but only in this way can you truly leave your own country behind. Traveling with a group is a way of being in a foreign country while speaking your mother tongue, doing whatever the leader of the flock tells you to do, and taking more interest in group gossip than in the place you are visiting.

5. Don’t compare. Don’t compare anything – prices, standards of hygiene, quality of life, means of transport, nothing! You are not traveling in order to prove that you have a better life than other people – your aim is to find out how other people live, what they can teach you, how they deal with reality and with the extraordinary.

6. Understand that everyone understands you. Even if you don’t speak the language, don’t be afraid: I’ve been in lots of places where I could not communicate with words at all, and I always found support, guidance, useful advice, and even girlfriends. Some people think that if they travel alone, they will set off down the street and be lost for ever. Just make sure you have the hotel card in your pocket and – if the worst comes to the worst – flag down a taxi and show the card to the driver.

7. Don’t buy too much. Spend your money on things you won’t need to carry: tickets to a good play, restaurants, trips. Nowadays, with the global economy and the Internet, you can buy anything you want without having to pay excess baggage.

8. Don’t try to see the world in a month. It is far better to stay in a city for four or five days than to visit five cities in a week. A city is like a capricious woman: she takes time to be seduced and to reveal herself completely.

9. A journey is an adventure. Henry Miller used to say that it is far more important to discover a church that no one else has ever heard of than to go to Rome and feel obliged to visit the Sistine Chapel with two hundred thousand other tourists bellowing in your ear. By all means go to the Sistine Chapel, but wander the streets too, explore alleyways, experience the freedom of looking for something – quite what you don’t know – but which, if you find it, will – you can be sure – change your life.

“Wind Mills” William Kwakwamba’s Inspiring Story.

William Kwakwamba’s inspiring story teaches us to dream big.

There is no urgency to compose a final goal when we first act upon an inspiring idea. The outcome and/or finished product will come in time if we can use our time wisely and effectively by focusing on the idea at hand.

I never knew that I would create a blog to help inspire others live greater lives. However, I continued to write not knowing where it would lead, but following my love for writing and one day I had an idea to create TheLove4Happiness.
Now here I am:)

Kwakwamba had an idea to use the wind to somehow help his people. He did not know what it would equal to, if he would succeed or fail, but he acted upon his idea and it lead him to this inspiring story, a trip to the U.S., and funding for his education.

If you can take a chance and listen to your heart, your dreams will follow:)


Dalai Lama “Quote”

This is a quote I helped create for a company I work with called “Good Karmal“.

Good Karmal’s Mission:
We believe that it is not enough to create delicious, all-natural caramels — we want to also inspire our customers and ourselves to, as Mahatma Gandhi said, “Be the change we wish to see in the world.”


I created this quote because I believe that expressing ourselves is one of the most important things we can do to create peace and happiness!

It is not always easy to express oneself. However, it is what sets us free!
When I am in a state of frustration or when I allow my mind to change gears and think bad thoughts, expressing myself is one of the ways I get my mind back on track! It is strikingly surprising how GREAT I feel after expressing myself.

Expressing one’s feelings to another person is what I find most challenging. However, once communicated, a feeling of peace resides within me and those fears which I created in my mind, diminish.

We all have tendencies to make mountains out of mole hills, when in reality the issues we are concerned about are not that important.

We make assumptions concerning the feelings of others, without having conversed with that person.

So allow yourself to take a step back, write your thoughts down, stop over thinking, and speak from your heart. The rest will work its way out!

Express YOURSELF and explore how it feels to feel free again!


UPlifting Reads!

Below is a list of books which have made positive influences in my life! Each book has provided me with feelings of happiness and peace. I enjoy reading books that reconfirm everything that I believe in and inspire me to become a “better me!”

Each book is different, yet shares a very special messages to its readers. I hope you can take away as much as I did after reading each book:)






Focus on the POSITIVES to diminish the negatives.

Water The Flowers

“In your garden, if you focus on and water the weeds then your garden will be full of them. If you focus on the health and nourishment of your flowers, then your flowers will flourish and the weeds will die from a lack of resources on which to thrive.”

I apply this to almost any life circumstance. Work, Love, Pain, Pride and so forth. For quite some time, I’ve seen myself giving weeds too much attention. I haven’t necessarily watered them… but I have not addressed them accordingly. So in not nurturing my flower or killing off the weeds, the garden is in disarray.
I will not use weed killer. Instead, I will make the flowers so strong, roots so thick, that they over power any negative, parasitic surges of the weed(s).

Give little to no attention to anything that can deprive you of your health. Focus on your personal nourishment. Become so strong that even when opposed you are unfazed in any way. You are not insensitive to the attack nor the demise of the weed. You are figuratively wrapped in your powerful petals that are now in full bloom. Beautiful.

-Christiano Can