A little bump in the road… but for the better :)

After I wrote my most recent post about living in the moment, I experienced a hard couple of days. I was having a difficult time controlling my thoughts. My negative thoughts seemed to be over powering my positive ones. I had to remind myself numerous times through out the day to live in the moment; use my will power to stop those negative thoughts and bring myself back to the current moment.

Its funny, when you allow yourself to be completely vulnerable and admit your flaws, those flaws tend to appear more frequently and try to test your limits and will power.

After those hard couple of days and hard work, I felt relieved and proud of myself for not allowing my own mind take control over my life in a unhealthy way.

Now 2 weeks later, even though I conqured those hard couple of days, and felt a feeling of peace within, I still have to work on living in the present moment everyday. I am not sure how much time and practice it will take, but I do know that I am much happier trying to achieve this goal, then allowing my mind to master me in ways which don’t benefit me. I believe that the hard days happen for a reason, if only to help me grow as a person and to reach my goals sooner.

I do believe that if you want something bad enough you will somehow find a way to achieve it. Your own thoughts and ego are the only factors blocking you from your goals and life’s desires. Keep on working at your goals/ life desires and they will become reality.