*Aldous Huxley Quote*

Often times we allow ourselves to get caught up with the opinions of others. We care too much about what others are thinking, that we forget about our own wants and needs.
Everyone has their own thoughts and beliefs on how one should live. This we cannot change.
We cannot please everyone, however we CAN please ourselves, which should be our first priority. Once we cater to our own wants and needs we can then help others with theirs.

We must start improving ourselves; striving to be the best we can be, so we can be our best for others.

This is when MAGIC happens….

We can all relate to this quote. When we are faced with a challenge or when something in our lives happens which saddens or frustrates us, let us try to remember that everything happens for a reason and although you may not see the light at the tunnel right away, it will come, once you accept where you are and keep pushing!

I have experienced hardships and challenging days. However, I believe that no matter how great the hurdle, there is ALWAYS a positive and crucial lesson to take from each experience.


If I hadn’t worked at two jobs where I had become very unhappy, then I most likely wouldn’t be currently pursuing my life’s passion. One must go through hard times, to encourage self growth and to arrive at their next destination.

If I hadn’t had a low self-esteem about my self-image/body image and abused my body, then I wouldn’t be able to help others with their own insecurities. One must experience it in order to teach it!

Accept where you are right now, in this minute, and keeping moving forward:)


*Quote* If I know what Love is, it is because of You!

This is a feeling I wish upon everyone! I hope that each and every one of us can feel this way towards another person.

Seek and you shall find:) DO NOT SETTLE! It is not fair to you nor the person you are with.

Follow your heart and it will lead you to the right place, at the right time, to meet that ONE person. ❤

“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Do not allow your thoughts and fears to hold you back from your truly existing hopes and dreams. If you are yearning for something more, go after it and get it! Fears are only beliefs which are formed by the negative influences of our culture and/or society.

If you want to move, then MOVE. If you want to travel, then make the plans to travel. If you want to change your occupation, start looking! Your life will only transform once you start seeking your hearts desires:)

Bad Day to Challenging Day to Character Building Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you just want to cry?

It’s crazy how one week I can have a great and happy mindset, and then a week after it can change to the complete opposite.

I think because I am in a transitional period in my life, it is harder for me to feel secure. I know that living for every day, rather than the future or the past, sets my worries at ease and fills me with everlasting happiness. However, today and yesterday have been challenging. I find myself allowing my mind to control my emotions, along with my thoughts.
It seems like when it rains it pours!

It is harder to keep my head up when there are so many thoughts swarming through my mind. And as my thoughts grow negative, I find it much more difficult to get myself out of the syphon. As if I am now forced to walk 10 miles, rather than just the 5.
As long as I allow my mind to think bad thoughts, the hill will only grow taller and steeper.

I like to believe that these events are happening for a reason. Even if that reason is to only help me learn and grow from my mistakes.

Freeing my mind from the downward spiral of negative thinking can be hard, and right now I feel like it’s almost drowning me. However, when I write and express these feelings, it helps me ease my mind and I can feel a sense of relief. I also like to list everything that I am grateful for, as I know that there are many others in this world with less fortunate lives.

While speaking to my Mom about this matter, she said something that stuck with me. Our society has so many expectations, and when we don’t fulfill those (made up) expectations, we sometimes feel guilty, sad, or both. And at the end of the day, all anyone wants is to be happy. As long as we have food, water, and shelter to protect us, we should be happy and grateful. Many people in this world have to work hard for their food and water, and sometimes don’t even have a house which will protect them. Our society confuses us by making us believe we need more than we actually do. If we can take a step back, realize that our life isn’t as complicated as we make it out to be, and be grateful for what we have, then hopefully we can see through societies ways and make it back to true selves.

It is not easy to turn our challenging days turn into a great days. However, right now that is my goal!
“We must be the change we wish to see in the world.” — MAHATMA GANDHI

If anyone else is feeling like this or has felt like this, keep your head up and share your story! Help inspire others! 🙂



What are you living for if not for radiant health, lasting happiness, and inner fulfillment?

Traveling to Costa Rica is a trip I will never forget.  The people I met and the experiences I gained will forever live within me.

The most life changing lesson that I took with me is simple.
It is this:
To simplify one’s life. 

As of today, I can list a handful of things which bring me happiness.
Sunrises and sunsets, playing with my puppy, writing in order to help and inspire others, meditating, being with nature, spending time with my loved ones, exercising, reading, listening to music, gaining knowledge from my peers, horseback riding, and laughing:).  
All of which cost nothing, yet provide me with pure happiness inside and out.

Before this trip, I was only talking the talk without walking the walk.  

I told myself I wasn’t concerned with the materialistic “things” in life, yet you could find me obsessing about the newest designer handbags and shoes. 

I was happy, yet I was continually asking myself questions concerning my future. Questions like, shall I move and if so, where? What would I do if I left my current job? And what should I be doing with my spare time? Although these questions are sometimes helpful, many times they cause me and others stress and anxiety. When I exist in the present day, I feel happier and I am able to leave my worries aside.

Society tends to influence us into thinking a certain way. It’s as if we have been programmed to believe that happiness is reached once we have obtained the “American Dream”. This is so silly! Each of us can reach our own happiness and inner fulfillment if we stay true to ourselves without allowing society to influence our views and beliefs.

It is the simple things in life that bring us everlasting happiness, rather than momentary happiness.

After I returned from Costa Rica, I had a clearer outlook on life. I felt as if layers had been stripped away, revealing a new essence of my true self.

Rather than saying I was going to live a certain way, I have now been able to apply “living in the present” by simplifying my life on a day-to-day basis.
This was not an over night change. Working on bettering myself has taken a lot of time, practice and dedication. However it is the most rewarding feeling in the world! Once you decide that you want to live a happier and more fulfilling life, and you make the first initial step, the universe will follow your lead and your life will begin to change.
You must first change your way of thinking, before transformation begins.
Either your mind controls you, or you control your mind.

I may not know what my next move will be or what I will be doing tomorrow at 1pm or in the coming months. However, what I DO know is that worrying or questioning myself about these concerns only causes me to feel sadness and frustration.
I am learning to live each and every day as though it were my last, because let’s be honest, no one really knows when their last day will be.

When I simplify my life and live in the present moment, I am filled with greater peace and happiness.

So rather than talking the talk, try putting your words into action, and live the best life you can live! It starts NOW:) GO!

Il dolce far niente…. :)

This is a great Italian saying from the movie “Eat, Pray, & Love.” As the Italians would say, “Americans don’t make the time to relax and enjoy the sweetness of doing nothing, and if and when they do, they often feel guilty.”

Take a moment and make sure that you have dedicated some quality time for yourself this week. Read, write, listen to music, go on a walk; whatever it is that centers you.