Our Inner Light


Realizing that we are separate from our thoughts, gives us the freedom in choosing which thoughts to believe, if any at all.
It is in the stillness, where our thoughts seem to fade, that we see the beauty and magnificence of life.
Our thoughts are but a distraction, a veil, if you will, shadowing us from our own light.
As Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor says, peace is just a thought away.
Or is it a thought?
Maybe it is a feeling.
Peace is just a feeling away, hidden behind a wall of thought.
Let us ponder that today.
Sending you LOTS of LOVE,

Be Free. Live Light.


Listen to that soft voice which comes from deep within. 
Silent the voice which makes you feel small and incomplete, as that is not your voice. 
Delight in the beauty of nature. 
Listen to the birds sing and feel the aliveness in the air.
Be true to your heart. 
As challenging as you may perceive that path to be, know that it will lead you to greater lands. 
Trust the unknown, for it feels better to trust the unknown, than to succumb to doubt and fear.
Free from the burdens you may carry, from the weight of yesterday, or worries of tomorrow. 
Allow the love in your heart to fill the love in your body.
You are a child of god.
Never forget your power.
– Sarah (TheLove4Happiness)

Be True, Stay YOU!

There are no short cuts in life. 
The path we walk down is full of ups and downs, sharp turns, and signs that we may or may not pay attention to. But this is our life. 
Every bump in the road has enabled us to go deeper, deeper within ourselves. 
We may have to travel down the same path more than once, if only to leave with a new set of eyes. 
Through it all, we must remain true to ourselves. 
The truth will always set us free. 
Be true, stay you.
Sarah (TheLove4Happiness)