*Quote* “Everything Happens for a Reason”.

I got this quote from the book “Sacred Journey of the Peaceful Warrior”, by Dan Millman.

I love this quote! This quote helps us remember that everything in life is happening for a specific reason. A reason which will benefit us. And although we may not see the bigger picture right now, we must have faith that it will all work out for our best interest. Because it usually does:)

Embrace The Challenging Days, As They Lead To Great Days:)

Writing about my love for happiness, one would think I would have all the answers… 😉

Well trust me, I would like to assume that I have it all figured out, but I’ve come to realize, that it is a constant work in progress! Which I am grateful for, as it encourages me to become a better person and helps me grow into the woman I desire to be.

I like to believe that the bad days, or challenging days, as I like to call them, happen for a reason, a good reason that is! Imagine if we were only exposed to the good days?  We wouldn’t be challenged to become better people. When we are challenged in life or forced to face the obstacles life hands us, we become the people we are supposed to be. Life surprises us with its ups and downs for a reason. Once we hurdle over those mountains, endless possibilities arrive at our door.
These days help us advance as human beings, if we can allow ourselves to see the good in the bad.

When I was having a bit of a rough day, which I explain below, I had to remind myself of this.

Below, I describe a day which started out confusing and foggy, but ended better than I could have ever imagined!

I arrived back in Montana, 3 days ago, from a 6 week vacation in Chile. The past two days have been an adjustment period; I have been slowly easing my way back into my life in Montana, while remembering a number of fabulous days spent in Chile.
During this time period, I hit a wall.
I started to feel lost; I wasn’t sure of anything in my life, I had just left my boyfriend in Chile, and felt pressured by work and what lied ahead of me.

I felt as if a very valuable piece of me had drifted away, without me being aware of it.
My mind was roaming off in all the wrong directions. I felt sad and confused, not understanding why I was feeling this way, or how to cure it.
This feeling lingered on throughout the day, until later this evening when I had dinner with a truly great friend, who inspired me.

She asked me two crucial questions: “What was I living for?” and “What was my life’s purpose?”
And for a second, I didn’t know how to answer.
After a year of writing about happiness and what it meant to me, I suddenly drew a blank. I was at a loss for words.
It was only until I asked her the very same questions, and listened to her response, that I felt the missing piece inside of me, reignite. Her response was: “to help others”.

Her response to both of those questions, was the only reason I created this blog.

I am inspired to share my experiences with others, with the purpose that I can make positive changes in their lives. During the few difficult times I’ve experienced, I know that I would have been over joyed if I had someone to relate to. Which is why I take the most pleasure in helping and guiding others with the struggles in their lives.
The feeling I receive when I offer a lending ear or hand, when I help someone brighten their day, or perform the slightest act of kindness, brings me such joy. It’s like taking a breath of fresh air.

And that brings me back to today, and why I shared this story with you.

Sometimes we can make mountains out of mole hills. We start getting caught up in our own thoughts, while not being aware of the emotional damage they can actually cause us.

What helps me, is to relax and stop my mind from thinking any type of thought and embrace the present moment.


And remember, the bad days (challenging days) help us! If you don’t understand it now, look back on your life and try to imagine who you would be if you didn’t encounter all your experiences, the good and bad:)

I am grateful for this challenging day because it led me to a friend who inspired me, and helped me remember who I am, what I stand for, and what I am here for.

Embrace the challenging days, as they can lead to GREAT days! 🙂

*Quote* Choose To Be Happyyyyy! :)

I love this quote because it is so true!! We choose our own path of happiness. Rather then complaining about our lives, and choosing to only focus on what we don’t have, lets start focusing on what we do have and appreciate it for what it is! What does complaining do? Creates more things to complain about! If we can stop and look at our lives, accept our current situation, and find the joy in that, we will be happier! Remember, someone else out there has it worse then you do. So be grateful and choose HAPPINESS! 🙂