Be True, Stay YOU!

There are no short cuts in life. 
The path we walk down is full of ups and downs, sharp turns, and signs that we may or may not pay attention to. But this is our life. 
Every bump in the road has enabled us to go deeper, deeper within ourselves. 
We may have to travel down the same path more than once, if only to leave with a new set of eyes. 
Through it all, we must remain true to ourselves. 
The truth will always set us free. 
Be true, stay you.
Sarah (TheLove4Happiness)


Life is to be Experienced


This quote grabbed my attention the first time I saw it.  I just love it!  

Right now in my life, I feel like my purpose is to experience myself fully, in every way that I can.  What does that mean? For me, it means treating myself the way a best friend would treat me; with love, kindness, patience, acceptance, etc.  It also means to go out on a limb and treat myself to a weekend get-a-way, a nice walk in the park, a movie and dinner, time with horses, or anything that may excite me or bring me back to my heart center.

I know that there are MANY distractions in life, whether it be raising children, working 40 + hours a week, the one too many obligations and commitments, or one of the other 100 distractions that make us feel like there isn’t enough time in a day.  However, if we don’t take time for ourselves, we begin to lose the spark that makes us feel ALIVE and HAPPY.  If we don’t take care of ourselves, there is NO WAY that we can take care of others to our best of ability.  By giving ourselves the time and attention we deserve, we somehow make more time for others and by doing so we live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Experience yourself today!  Do something that makes your heart dance, I don’t care if it’s only for 15 minutes.  Give yourself a present today:  your OWN PRESENCE.

Be true, Be wild, Be You!

What is it You Wish to Be?


I  LOVE this saying!

If we seek change, 
we must be willing to unmask 
whatever it is that is holding 
us back from making changes. 
What is it you wish to be? If you wish to be happy, 
then be happy
Our unhappiness is usually 
based off of the false stories 
we keep repeating to ourselves. 
Strip down and see the truth: 
You are perfect in this moment 
and a thought from the past or future 
is the only thing that can make you feel 
less than you truly are. 
OWN your fears and you will set them FREE.
– TheLove4Happiness

New Day, New Strength, New Thoughts …


Today is a NEW day, so let’s act like it! 

I know it is tempting to dwell on past experiences that made us feel crummy. I also know that once we begin a thought pattern of a particular experience that caused us to suffer, the mental downward spiral begins and when it begins, it feels like there is no end in sight. I know this because I have done this to myself, not intentionally of course, but countless and countless times. But there is a different way to live. I know because I have started to live this way. I have come to realize that I have a choice. I get to choose what I focus on. I know at times it seems like we are constantly losing the battle between our egos and our hearts. The ego seems to be louder and more bossy, where our hearts seem to be soft and subtle, making it more challenging for us to listen to it. However, I am here to tell you that there is a way to make our hearts appear louder and our egos softer. A way which will help us become happier people.

Imagine this:

For every new day, picture a great big BLANK canvas and you as the painter decide what goes on that canvas and what doesn’t.  There may be  past experiences and feelings that creep into your mind and crave to be the center of attention,  but ultimately you have the final say for what remains on the canvas. Do you want to experience the same old “shit” from yesterday, two weeks ago, or 6 months ago? Or do you want to start fresh and begin again? Well, great news, YOU have the freedom to decide.  Some of the old baggage will mangle its way through and reappear on your canvas, but don’t worry, that is OKAY.  Our focus should not be on the old baggage, but on the NEW, EXCITING, and SMALL events that appear on our canvas.  Once we begin to pay more attention to the events and experiences that bring us joy, we create room for further joy-filled experiences.  By shifting our attention, from negative to the positive, we slowly, but surely, make life-long changes that will pave the way for a happier existence.    

Where is your FOCUS?

Martha Beck + Huff Post: 10 Life Lessons you should UNLEARN


Here she is again, Mrs. Martha Beck!

I just love this woman and her work.

Here is the article that she recently wrote for The Huffington Post:   10 Life Lessons that you should UNLEARN.

It is a MUST READ.


Martha Beck- Four Technologies of Magic

I cannot get enough of this woman!  Martha Beck is amazingly brilliant and so inspiring.  She is someone who each and every one of us can relate to.  She has experienced many things in her life, from good to bad.  She has the ability to give her experiences profound meaning, which can be both eye-opening and transformative.

This Ted Talk just shows another glimpse of her brilliance.  She invites us to take another step into ourselves and to find that inner self that we have been slightly ignoring.  We each possess the magic within to transform our lives and our world.  Get inspired and live your best life!  Take twenty minutes to watch this video and I promise you, you will walk away feeling more awake then ever.

Live through Love


This quote caught my attention the first time I saw it. The original quote was by Abraham Lincoln. He quoted, “I do not like that man, I must get to know him better.” I wanted to change it and gear it towards woman, only because I feel like females tend to be more critical of one another.

I can remember being in the fifth grade and innocently watching myself and others bully and be bullied. The cruel behavior that young girls are capable of still boggles my mind. And although in the 5th grade, we were too young to comprehend the cliques and bullying, those memories are still with us today.

I have witnessed and experienced the ups and downs of many friendships. I have judged and been judged thousands and thousands of times. But in all honesty, judging another being does not change that person, it only reflects the person I am. All judgments stem from within; whatever we see as a threat or negative quality in another person, we first see in ourselves.

Take a look below to see what steps are needed to commit to living a more loving and non-judgment lifestyle.

Step 1:
Be Aware.
Listen to your thoughts when you judge another person. What do you feel? Acknowledging how you feel when placing judgements on another being is the first step towards recognizing where the judgement is stemming from.

Step 2:
Treat yourself with more respect and love. The reason you are judging someone is because you are not fully comfortable or loved by yourself. Think nicely about yourself and try not to speak down about yourself. Remember: You are your own best friend.

Step 3:
Take Action.
Now that you are aware of when and why you are judging another person, it is time to slowly touch on the brakes. When you feel yourself judging another person try to replace the judgement with a nice thought. Sometimes I apologize to myself and to that person in my mind and then note to try better next time.

It is essential to have an open mind and heart.  Rather then pointing out only the negative qualities in a person, try seeing the other side, the positive attributes in a person.  This may seem hard at first, but once practiced, it soon will become a habit.  Focus on the good in yourself and in others and good will come to you.

If we can commit to seeing those whom we do not like through a more loving lens, we will then create more peace and love for ourselves and those around us.

Love yourself the way you would want someone else to love you. Then love others the way you love yourself.