I Find it Hard to NOT Live in the Moment…

While visiting Costa Rica, I had the amazing opportunity of meeting a few new and wonderful friends.  One of whom shared many inspiring and insightful words which I still hold close to my heart and try to incorporate into my life daily.

I have discovered that living in the PRESENT moment brings me peace and happiness.

While staying in Costa Rica this belief sank into the deepest part of me, reassuring me that this way of life is the only way to live!

In Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica, the way of life is much easier and more simple. Living in the moment almost comes natural. Worries seem afar, if not absent, and life is lived for the day which lies ahead, nothing less and nothing more.

Returning to the states I wanted to maintain the same mind-set which I had in Costa Rica.  I realized this would be difficult, yet I saw no other option. While being home for less than a month, people began asking me questions regarding my future. Questions like, what was I going to do? How was I going to make a living? Where was I going to live? These questions seemed tedious at the time, however after continually being asked, I became overwhelmed. I wanted to yell and say I DONT KNOW!!! But I resisted and settled with this…

I will figure it out, as I always do, but support my decision to live in the present moment. And those questions which you find so important will be answered when the time is right:)

After the second conversation like this, I felt the urge to e-mail my friend in Costa Rica and ask him if he lived in the moment and what his thoughts were. His answer was this…

I find it hard to not live in the moment.  While humanity is relatively evolved in different ways than other life… I feel that the expectations of the future have been detrimental.  Now is all we have.  Waiting to do something tomorrow that you WANT to do today is not guaranteed.  I do not think I can live in anything but this moment.  No plans, just options.  When people plan ‘for me’ I choose to add it to a list of options that may be up for consideration.  If I erase, forget or ignore the option… nonetheless it still is an option.   So just put the right in front of the left…until you get to a cliff.  Then decide whether to jump, walk another way or learn how to fly. 🙂

I hope this answers any question you may have! 🙂

Living moment by moment is truly the only way to live. The past has been lived, the future is to be lived, but this moment (RIGHT NOW) is alive and living. So forget about the past, yet learn from your mistakes, allow the future to be, and enjoy your time RIGHT NOW! 🙂


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