This is when MAGIC happens….

We can all relate to this quote. When we are faced with a challenge or when something in our lives happens which saddens or frustrates us, let us try to remember that everything happens for a reason and although you may not see the light at the tunnel right away, it will come, once you accept where you are and keep pushing!

I have experienced hardships and challenging days. However, I believe that no matter how great the hurdle, there is ALWAYS a positive and crucial lesson to take from each experience.


If I hadn’t worked at two jobs where I had become very unhappy, then I most likely wouldn’t be currently pursuing my life’s passion. One must go through hard times, to encourage self growth and to arrive at their next destination.

If I hadn’t had a low self-esteem about my self-image/body image and abused my body, then I wouldn’t be able to help others with their own insecurities. One must experience it in order to teach it!

Accept where you are right now, in this minute, and keeping moving forward:)


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