I Believe in Myself!

Life can sometimes be difficult. We have a hard time seeing how it will pan out in our favor, or we often think too much about the future or the past, allowing it to hold us back from our true potential in this moment.

I always ask others who seem to worry or think more than they actually live, “what does worrying do for you, rather than make the situation seem worse than it actually is?” or “Why are you spending so much of your time thinking about what could be when you have the opportunity to live perfectly in this moment, with no fears or worries?”

Now, although I lend advice to others, it is now MYSELF who is having trouble with living in the moment and letting the future be. Because I have first hand witnessed how this way of living has effected me (in the past couple days), being short with friends and family, having zero to no patience, and allowing my ego to blow everything out of proportion, I have made the decision to STOP. I have control and I am taking it back!

Of course life may not be “perfect” right now, but my attitude has only worsened my situation. What is the saying? “As one door closes another one opens.” Well that is my motto right now and I am closing the negative thinking and opening the door to positive thinking. 🙂


Focus on the POSITIVES to diminish the negatives.

Water The Flowers

“In your garden, if you focus on and water the weeds then your garden will be full of them. If you focus on the health and nourishment of your flowers, then your flowers will flourish and the weeds will die from a lack of resources on which to thrive.”

I apply this to almost any life circumstance. Work, Love, Pain, Pride and so forth. For quite some time, I’ve seen myself giving weeds too much attention. I haven’t necessarily watered them… but I have not addressed them accordingly. So in not nurturing my flower or killing off the weeds, the garden is in disarray.
I will not use weed killer. Instead, I will make the flowers so strong, roots so thick, that they over power any negative, parasitic surges of the weed(s).

Give little to no attention to anything that can deprive you of your health. Focus on your personal nourishment. Become so strong that even when opposed you are unfazed in any way. You are not insensitive to the attack nor the demise of the weed. You are figuratively wrapped in your powerful petals that are now in full bloom. Beautiful.

-Christiano Can