Monday’s Perspective

Today, you may wake up and feel uninspired to make today count.
However, what if you changed-up your perspective a little? Rather than dreading your day to come, what if you accepted the feeling which is causing you to suffer?
Imagine yourself opening the door to this feeling.
Sit with it for a second, without trying to ‘fix’ it. 
Now, after welcoming this feeling, try to envision it flowing out of you. 
At this time, choose to focus your attention on the things that bring you happiness, in this moment.
It could be as little as a morning kiss from your dog.
Make a pact with yourself, that today, you will try your best to focus on all that is good in your life.
It can be tricky, but once we begin to practice this way of life, we allow other things, which also bring us happiness, into our lives.
As Martha Beck says,
“Where your attention goes, your life goes.” 
And to be honest, when you stop and look around, this life is PRETTY AMAZING. 


*Perspective* can make all the difference


There are tough times we need to go through in order to grow and flourish.
Looking back, I now realize that the perspective of a situation can make all the difference.
If you see a challenging day as a crappy day, then that is what you will experience.
However, if you see a challenging day for what it is: a challenging day, and you accept it without resisting it, you could change your perspective and change your life.
Just because it rains doesn’t mean that the sun won’t shine again.
Trust yourself, the Universe, or whomever you call the higher power, that you are where you are supposed to be and will be guided where you need to go.