They say, Things Happen in #3’s …

I love the #UNIVERSE!!!!

I had another great The Universe at Hand as I like to call them, experience. It began last week (April 23rd – MY BDAY) when a friend pulled a #tarotcard for me. It was the King of Wands.  She summed it up for me as this:KINF-OF-WANDSI highlighted the #KEY words that really resonated with me.

After I read this, I kept it in the back of my mind.  I knew that taking on more confidence in myself and in my personal work and growth, was something that had recently been showing up in my life.  But I let it #CHILL for a sec.

I then went to visit friend a couple of days later.  She began talking about totem animals.  To me, totem animals are animals that unexpectedly pop up into your life and add meaning to you just when you need it.  An example of this, was last year, when I was having a difficult time understanding a certain situation in my life.  Out of nowhere, I saw a dragonfly swoop down before me. I immediately googled it and what I read about dragonflies gave me the courage and confidence I needed right in that moment.

So as we were talking about animal totems, I became curious, yet not attaching myself to a particular outcome.  I also, set this #ASIDE.

The next morning I went to a coffee shop and ordered a lavender honey latte– #YES, it was amazing!  After the gentlemen finished making my latte, he handed it to me, showing me that he had tried to make a #PEACOCK out of the foam.  “Hmm, I pondered. A peacock huh?“.  Here is the lovely art work of the peacock:


I thanked the barista and headed on my way.  Of course, once I got to my car, I googled ‘peacock’.  This is what I found: (I also highlighted what resonated with me)


So there I was, now with two signs pointing me to the same direction.  I kind of let it ponder in the back of my head, not sure what to do with it.

Then two days ago, I saw a freaking #PEACOCK walking across the side of the street.  I mean who sees a peacock just roaming the #STREETS!?

At this point, I was like okay, what is going on here??  I understood the message, but what was I supposed to do with it?

It is very ironic, because as all of this was happening, I could feel myself, and have continued to feel myself, grow more confident on a personal and also on a professional level.  It felt as if I was shedding an old layer and re-discovering a new sense of confidence beneath it all.  I felt more #FREE to be me.

After seeing this #peacock walking across the street, although in a state of #AWE, I was still unsure as what to make of it all.

I attended yoga later that evening, and before the class began, the instructor, whom was so awesome by the way, asked us if we wanted to set an intention for the practice, and if so, to do it now.  I thought about it, wondering if I had an intention to set.

question came to mind.  I asked the universe what was I supposed to do with all of this new and juicy information!?  I asked this question, and then let it go.

Throughout my practice, I had completely forgotten that I had asked the question.  Until, an answer came to me.

It was more of a feeling, so it is hard for me to put into words, but it went something like this: Be patient Sarah.  Let it be.  When the time comes you will know what to do.  TRUST the process.

I felt completely at peace with this feeling that had just passed through me. And that is what I decided to do: #LetItBe.

I just think it is ABSOLUTELY amazing when things like this happen.  It reminds me that we are not alone on this path.  That there is something guiding us and showing us the way.  We must trust in that; trust that we will always be taken care of, no matter how brutally confused we may be.

Life is breathing for us right now.  It is here to show us our truest colors.  It is only when we quiet our minds, can we hear the rhythm of  life.  It is always there, waiting for us to slow down and #SHOWUP. I hope this #INSPIRES you to listen to your own wisdom and watch for signs that the #UNIVERSE may be trying to show you.

urge you to take the time to become one with life itself.  It is there where we feel most at #HOME.

Questions/Comments?  EMAIL ME @!  We are on this journey together.

Be well and stay #curious.