Happiness Is…

This page is dedicated to being HAPPY!

I wanted to create a page that showed a glimpse of my happiness! I hope many of you can relate and also be inspired!

Happiness has always been #1 priority in my life. I have given myself the time to explore what happiness means to me and throughout my journey, I have found that I have many definitions of Happiness.
I wanted to uniquely share my happiness through pictures, quotes, and sayings, to hopefully inspire and guide others to their own Happiness. 🙂
Below is a timeline (not in order) that sums up my happiness. I will most likely be adding to this page as the days progress, but for now ENJOY what you see! 🙂
And while browsing ask yourself, “what brings me happiness?” and then PURSUE! 🙂















Stephanie Quayle and Myself! 🙂


Machu Picchu!