We Love Elizabeth Gilbert …. And You Will Too!

Elizabeth Gilbert warms my heart through her words. #BEeasyOnYourself
THOUGHT OF THE DAY: Blind spots and self-compassion.

I’ve been thinking for the last few weeks about the blind spots in our lives, in ourselves. How humbling it can be to realize — even after all these years of experience with life — that there is still so much we cannot see, still so much to learn, still so much to trip over or crash into.

It’s so hard sometimes to forgive ourselves when we stumble and mess up. There’s always that most critical part of ourselves who thinks, “After all this time, you blew it again?! Seriously?! You still haven’t gotten it right? How could you not have seen this coming?”

But then I remember that the very definition of a blind spot is something that you simply cannot see through or see around. We all have our blind spots. These blind spots are part of our shared humanity. And we cannot beat ourselves up for things that we were incapable of seeing or learning before we saw them or learned them.

You will get it when you get it — and not a moment before.

You will wake up when you wake up — and not a moment before. 

And then you will do better next time. But only if you allow yourself to move on. 

So blink, dear ones. Clear your eyes, take in the lesson, forgive yourself for what you could not possibly have known any earlier, and keep moving.

Easier said than done, I know. I am speaking to myself today as much as to you. But please, above of all: Be very kind to you.

You’re doing your best.

Forward ever, backward never.


Love Circle


I want this blog post to be short and sweet.
I think it is very important for everyone to create a love circle for themselves.  There are many things that we can over analyze, fixate, or dwell on that do not serve us well.  Just this morning I had an argument or should I say, an intense conversation with someone who I had argued with earlier in the week.  After the first argument, I was a bit flustered and spending far too much of my energy over analyzing it.  I soon noticed this and recognized how thinking about it (a lot more than I should have) was bringing me nothing but frustration and anger.  I decided right then and there that I was going to let it go.  I cut the string that was binding me with this negative energy together and BOOM, it was gone.  And I hadn’t really thought about that conversation/argument until this morning, when I unexpectedly ran into this person again.
Now, between the time that the first argument had occurred and this morning’s conversation, I had had a discussion with a friend about how he could create a love circle for himself.  It seemed he had a tendency to surround himself with bogus energy and it continually brought him unnecessary drama that caused him to suffer.  I told him to imagine a love circle surrounding his body that only allowed positive, warm, loving, and compassionate energy into this circle.  Then I advised him to imagine a little door attached to this love circle that allowed him to release any negative energy that he may be holding onto.  I asked him to slowly open the door and cut the string that tied him to the negative energy.  “Now watch, I said, as the energy rapidly disappears out of the door, into the unknown, where it can no longer hurt you.”  Then, gracefully shut the door.   As I was explaining this to him, I realized that this was a good practice for me, and for everyone.
And so this morning, after I had succumbed to a second argument with this person and after I called a friend to bitch about how annoying I thought this person was and blah, blah, blah, I realized that I was doing it again.  I was giving this  situation too much of my energy, when it didn’t benefit me whatsoever.  It made me angry and frustrated and that really wasn’t what I wanted to focus on!  I wanted to have a good day, just as it had started earlier that morning. So I closed my eyes and imagined my love circle surrounding me.  I took all of the frustration and annoyance, bundled it up, and opened my door, allowing it all to be sucked out.  I then shut the door and felt a sense of relief throughout my entire body.  I was free to be me without any bad energy bringing me down or distracting me from the beauty that surrounded me.
It is that simple.  Don’t make it more complicated than it needs to be.  Is something or someone bothering you?  Open the door to your love circle and let it GO.  You may need to re-visit  some of your situations or dilemmas at another time, but for now, if it isn’t serving you any purpose let it go until you can see the truth in the matter.
Be calm, be gentle, BE YOU!

Japanese Proverb

It is better to fall down many times and get up, then to have not tried and always wonder “What If?”

We will all face challenges in our lifetime. We must look at challenges as stepping-stones. They show us the way, yet make it a bit difficult as to make sure we want it bad enough to get back up and get it!


“You must do the thing you think you cannot do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Do not allow your thoughts and fears to hold you back from your truly existing hopes and dreams. If you are yearning for something more, go after it and get it! Fears are only beliefs which are formed by the negative influences of our culture and/or society.

If you want to move, then MOVE. If you want to travel, then make the plans to travel. If you want to change your occupation, start looking! Your life will only transform once you start seeking your hearts desires:)


What are you living for if not for radiant health, lasting happiness, and inner fulfillment?

Traveling to Costa Rica is a trip I will never forget.  The people I met and the experiences I gained will forever live within me.

The most life changing lesson that I took with me is simple.
It is this:
To simplify one’s life. 

As of today, I can list a handful of things which bring me happiness.
Sunrises and sunsets, playing with my puppy, writing in order to help and inspire others, meditating, being with nature, spending time with my loved ones, exercising, reading, listening to music, gaining knowledge from my peers, horseback riding, and laughing:).  
All of which cost nothing, yet provide me with pure happiness inside and out.

Before this trip, I was only talking the talk without walking the walk.  

I told myself I wasn’t concerned with the materialistic “things” in life, yet you could find me obsessing about the newest designer handbags and shoes. 

I was happy, yet I was continually asking myself questions concerning my future. Questions like, shall I move and if so, where? What would I do if I left my current job? And what should I be doing with my spare time? Although these questions are sometimes helpful, many times they cause me and others stress and anxiety. When I exist in the present day, I feel happier and I am able to leave my worries aside.

Society tends to influence us into thinking a certain way. It’s as if we have been programmed to believe that happiness is reached once we have obtained the “American Dream”. This is so silly! Each of us can reach our own happiness and inner fulfillment if we stay true to ourselves without allowing society to influence our views and beliefs.

It is the simple things in life that bring us everlasting happiness, rather than momentary happiness.

After I returned from Costa Rica, I had a clearer outlook on life. I felt as if layers had been stripped away, revealing a new essence of my true self.

Rather than saying I was going to live a certain way, I have now been able to apply “living in the present” by simplifying my life on a day-to-day basis.
This was not an over night change. Working on bettering myself has taken a lot of time, practice and dedication. However it is the most rewarding feeling in the world! Once you decide that you want to live a happier and more fulfilling life, and you make the first initial step, the universe will follow your lead and your life will begin to change.
You must first change your way of thinking, before transformation begins.
Either your mind controls you, or you control your mind.

I may not know what my next move will be or what I will be doing tomorrow at 1pm or in the coming months. However, what I DO know is that worrying or questioning myself about these concerns only causes me to feel sadness and frustration.
I am learning to live each and every day as though it were my last, because let’s be honest, no one really knows when their last day will be.

When I simplify my life and live in the present moment, I am filled with greater peace and happiness.

So rather than talking the talk, try putting your words into action, and live the best life you can live! It starts NOW:) GO!