#Morning Journaling


Sometimes all we need is some #USTIME with our journals, a pencil, and a cozy place to settle into.

That is what I did this morning, and boy did it #FEEL good!

Todays #topic?  Allowing LIFE to FLOW through us.

Simply by tuning into our bodies, we will know what feels good to us and what doesn’t.  Usually when we allow life to flow as it should, without resisting it or forcing it, we #FEEL good.  The feelings in our bodies are great indicators for how we are living.  Happily or stressful?

Whatever feels #good to your body, do that!

Side #note:  Give yourself the time to express what is on your heart.  You will thank yourself for this small, yet precious #gift!





I created this quote because I believe that expressing ourselves is one of the most important things we can do to create peace and happiness!

It is not always easy to express oneself. However, it is what sets us free!
When I am in a state of frustration or when I allow my mind to change gears and think bad thoughts, expressing myself is one of the ways I get my mind back on track! It is strikingly surprising how GREAT I feel after expressing myself.

Expressing one’s feelings to another person is what I find most challenging. However, once communicated, a feeling of peace resides within me and those fears which I created in my mind, diminish.

We all have tendencies to make mountains out of mole hills, when in reality the issues we are concerned about are not that important.

We make assumptions concerning the feelings of others, without having conversed with that person.

So allow yourself to take a step back, write your thoughts down, stop over thinking, and speak from your heart. The rest will work its way out!

Express YOURSELF and explore how it feels to feel free again!