They say, Things Happen in #3’s …

I love the #UNIVERSE!!!!

I had another great The Universe at Hand as I like to call them, experience. It began last week (April 23rd – MY BDAY) when a friend pulled a #tarotcard for me. It was the King of Wands.  She summed it up for me as this:KINF-OF-WANDSI highlighted the #KEY words that really resonated with me.

After I read this, I kept it in the back of my mind.  I knew that taking on more confidence in myself and in my personal work and growth, was something that had recently been showing up in my life.  But I let it #CHILL for a sec.

I then went to visit friend a couple of days later.  She began talking about totem animals.  To me, totem animals are animals that unexpectedly pop up into your life and add meaning to you just when you need it.  An example of this, was last year, when I was having a difficult time understanding a certain situation in my life.  Out of nowhere, I saw a dragonfly swoop down before me. I immediately googled it and what I read about dragonflies gave me the courage and confidence I needed right in that moment.

So as we were talking about animal totems, I became curious, yet not attaching myself to a particular outcome.  I also, set this #ASIDE.

The next morning I went to a coffee shop and ordered a lavender honey latte– #YES, it was amazing!  After the gentlemen finished making my latte, he handed it to me, showing me that he had tried to make a #PEACOCK out of the foam.  “Hmm, I pondered. A peacock huh?“.  Here is the lovely art work of the peacock:


I thanked the barista and headed on my way.  Of course, once I got to my car, I googled ‘peacock’.  This is what I found: (I also highlighted what resonated with me)


So there I was, now with two signs pointing me to the same direction.  I kind of let it ponder in the back of my head, not sure what to do with it.

Then two days ago, I saw a freaking #PEACOCK walking across the side of the street.  I mean who sees a peacock just roaming the #STREETS!?

At this point, I was like okay, what is going on here??  I understood the message, but what was I supposed to do with it?

It is very ironic, because as all of this was happening, I could feel myself, and have continued to feel myself, grow more confident on a personal and also on a professional level.  It felt as if I was shedding an old layer and re-discovering a new sense of confidence beneath it all.  I felt more #FREE to be me.

After seeing this #peacock walking across the street, although in a state of #AWE, I was still unsure as what to make of it all.

I attended yoga later that evening, and before the class began, the instructor, whom was so awesome by the way, asked us if we wanted to set an intention for the practice, and if so, to do it now.  I thought about it, wondering if I had an intention to set.

question came to mind.  I asked the universe what was I supposed to do with all of this new and juicy information!?  I asked this question, and then let it go.

Throughout my practice, I had completely forgotten that I had asked the question.  Until, an answer came to me.

It was more of a feeling, so it is hard for me to put into words, but it went something like this: Be patient Sarah.  Let it be.  When the time comes you will know what to do.  TRUST the process.

I felt completely at peace with this feeling that had just passed through me. And that is what I decided to do: #LetItBe.

I just think it is ABSOLUTELY amazing when things like this happen.  It reminds me that we are not alone on this path.  That there is something guiding us and showing us the way.  We must trust in that; trust that we will always be taken care of, no matter how brutally confused we may be.

Life is breathing for us right now.  It is here to show us our truest colors.  It is only when we quiet our minds, can we hear the rhythm of  life.  It is always there, waiting for us to slow down and #SHOWUP. I hope this #INSPIRES you to listen to your own wisdom and watch for signs that the #UNIVERSE may be trying to show you.

urge you to take the time to become one with life itself.  It is there where we feel most at #HOME.

Questions/Comments?  EMAIL ME @!  We are on this journey together.

Be well and stay #curious.


#Morning Journaling


Sometimes all we need is some #USTIME with our journals, a pencil, and a cozy place to settle into.

That is what I did this morning, and boy did it #FEEL good!

Todays #topic?  Allowing LIFE to FLOW through us.

Simply by tuning into our bodies, we will know what feels good to us and what doesn’t.  Usually when we allow life to flow as it should, without resisting it or forcing it, we #FEEL good.  The feelings in our bodies are great indicators for how we are living.  Happily or stressful?

Whatever feels #good to your body, do that!

Side #note:  Give yourself the time to express what is on your heart.  You will thank yourself for this small, yet precious #gift!




Our Inner Light


Realizing that we are separate from our thoughts, gives us the freedom in choosing which thoughts to believe, if any at all.
It is in the stillness, where our thoughts seem to fade, that we see the beauty and magnificence of life.
Our thoughts are but a distraction, a veil, if you will, shadowing us from our own light.
As Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor says, peace is just a thought away.
Or is it a thought?
Maybe it is a feeling.
Peace is just a feeling away, hidden behind a wall of thought.
Let us ponder that today.
Sending you LOTS of LOVE,

Be Free. Live Light.


Listen to that soft voice which comes from deep within. 
Silent the voice which makes you feel small and incomplete, as that is not your voice. 
Delight in the beauty of nature. 
Listen to the birds sing and feel the aliveness in the air.
Be true to your heart. 
As challenging as you may perceive that path to be, know that it will lead you to greater lands. 
Trust the unknown, for it feels better to trust the unknown, than to succumb to doubt and fear.
Free from the burdens you may carry, from the weight of yesterday, or worries of tomorrow. 
Allow the love in your heart to fill the love in your body.
You are a child of god.
Never forget your power.
– Sarah (TheLove4Happiness)

Be True, Stay YOU!

There are no short cuts in life. 
The path we walk down is full of ups and downs, sharp turns, and signs that we may or may not pay attention to. But this is our life. 
Every bump in the road has enabled us to go deeper, deeper within ourselves. 
We may have to travel down the same path more than once, if only to leave with a new set of eyes. 
Through it all, we must remain true to ourselves. 
The truth will always set us free. 
Be true, stay you.
Sarah (TheLove4Happiness)


Monday’s Perspective

Today, you may wake up and feel uninspired to make today count.
However, what if you changed-up your perspective a little? Rather than dreading your day to come, what if you accepted the feeling which is causing you to suffer?
Imagine yourself opening the door to this feeling.
Sit with it for a second, without trying to ‘fix’ it. 
Now, after welcoming this feeling, try to envision it flowing out of you. 
At this time, choose to focus your attention on the things that bring you happiness, in this moment.
It could be as little as a morning kiss from your dog.
Make a pact with yourself, that today, you will try your best to focus on all that is good in your life.
It can be tricky, but once we begin to practice this way of life, we allow other things, which also bring us happiness, into our lives.
As Martha Beck says,
“Where your attention goes, your life goes.” 
And to be honest, when you stop and look around, this life is PRETTY AMAZING. 


What Would PEACE Do?

What would PEACE do?

I have been asking myself this question for the past week. I ask it when I feel my ego trying to push me out of the way and take over the spotlight.

A few days ago, while on the phone with my sister, a certain topic came up, which my ego assumes it knows EVERYTHING about. I felt my ego (the control freak in me), craving so desperately to interrupt her and hand out my two sense, only to be “RIGHT”. When I felt this urge, I took a few deep breathes, brought myself back to the present moment, and asked myself, “What would PEACE do?” I found that when I anchored myself back to the present moment, by taking a few deep breathes and then asking myself this question, my ego disappeared. And the answer which came to me was this: LISTEN. Be PRESENT.


By fully listening to my sister, without allowing my ego to judge every word coming from her mouth, I was able to connect with her in a much more fulfilling and peaceful manner. Once we realize that we DO NOT have to participate in our ego’s self-destructive games, we no longer feel inhibited by our ego. We stop taking ourselves and our lives so seriously. It doesn’t have to be as hard as we make it out to be. By asking ourselves this question before our ego takes flight, we enable our true-selves to shine through. In the end we create more meaningful and heart-felt relationships, with ourselves and with others. The first step, is noticing when it is our egos in play or our authentic selves. Simply, be aware.

Note: This takes continuous practice. There are many times when my ego moves in ever so subtly and takes control. However, by practicing over and over again, the ego slowly loses its grip. If we want to create happier and healthier relationships with others and with ourselves, we must be willing to change.

With Love,
Sarah (TheLove4Happiness)

What is it You Wish to Be?


I  LOVE this saying!

If we seek change, 
we must be willing to unmask 
whatever it is that is holding 
us back from making changes. 
What is it you wish to be? If you wish to be happy, 
then be happy
Our unhappiness is usually 
based off of the false stories 
we keep repeating to ourselves. 
Strip down and see the truth: 
You are perfect in this moment 
and a thought from the past or future 
is the only thing that can make you feel 
less than you truly are. 
OWN your fears and you will set them FREE.
– TheLove4Happiness

New Day, New Strength, New Thoughts …


Today is a NEW day, so let’s act like it! 

I know it is tempting to dwell on past experiences that made us feel crummy. I also know that once we begin a thought pattern of a particular experience that caused us to suffer, the mental downward spiral begins and when it begins, it feels like there is no end in sight. I know this because I have done this to myself, not intentionally of course, but countless and countless times. But there is a different way to live. I know because I have started to live this way. I have come to realize that I have a choice. I get to choose what I focus on. I know at times it seems like we are constantly losing the battle between our egos and our hearts. The ego seems to be louder and more bossy, where our hearts seem to be soft and subtle, making it more challenging for us to listen to it. However, I am here to tell you that there is a way to make our hearts appear louder and our egos softer. A way which will help us become happier people.

Imagine this:

For every new day, picture a great big BLANK canvas and you as the painter decide what goes on that canvas and what doesn’t.  There may be  past experiences and feelings that creep into your mind and crave to be the center of attention,  but ultimately you have the final say for what remains on the canvas. Do you want to experience the same old “shit” from yesterday, two weeks ago, or 6 months ago? Or do you want to start fresh and begin again? Well, great news, YOU have the freedom to decide.  Some of the old baggage will mangle its way through and reappear on your canvas, but don’t worry, that is OKAY.  Our focus should not be on the old baggage, but on the NEW, EXCITING, and SMALL events that appear on our canvas.  Once we begin to pay more attention to the events and experiences that bring us joy, we create room for further joy-filled experiences.  By shifting our attention, from negative to the positive, we slowly, but surely, make life-long changes that will pave the way for a happier existence.    

Where is your FOCUS?

Where Your Attention Goes, Your Life Goes.

Where Your Attention Goes, Your Life Goes. – Martha Beck


love this life that I live.  Sure, there are bumps in the road, but it is my choice how I perceive those bumps.  I can either perceive them as negative and a time of suffering or neutral and a time of growth and opportunity.  It is all about the perspective we choose to have.  This is so comforting, because I realize that I have control over how I feel.  I can carefully select what I think and what I believe and depending on what I choose, I can live a life filled with peaceease, and love or a life filled with confusion, anger, and/or disappointment.  It is such a beautiful thing!  It is my choice and in that is pure freedom.  Simple, yet oh! so beautiful.

My favorite teacher, Martha Beck, says, “Where your attention goes, your life goes.”  She shares a similar analogy as the one I am about to share.

Evan, being a professional kayaker, kayaks class five rapids and many of the rivers he paddles include rocks, trees, debris, etc. that can be very dangerous if he were to hit them.  So how does he manage to get down the river safe and sound, 95% of the time?  He focuses solely on the CLEAN and SAFE lines.  In life, it is much the same.  If I were to attach myself to every negative thought I had or any thought of the past or future, that tensed up my body or made me feel bad inside, I would probably lead a dangerous life for myself and for others.  However, if I observed a thought, just as Evan would observe a rock in the river, and then decide to re-direct my attention back to this moment, where there are no thoughts at all, or in Evans case, back to the safe line in front of him, then I would move through life or a river, gracefully and safely.  There would be no attachment to any thought or rock, per se, which means I wouldn’t  be effected by any thought or rock in the river.

I want to live like this.  I want to become more and more aware of my thoughts, so that when I notice a negative shift in my body, I will know that I am focusing on something I shouldn’t be focusing on.  If Evan were to begin focusing on a rock in the river, realizing that he was getting closer and closer to it, he would immediately focus his attention on a different part of the river, a better route, which would steer him to a safe and easy way of the river .  So although I may be babbling on, I just want to remind everyone, including myself, that life doesn’t have to be hard.  It can be easy and amazingly amazing, if we just realize that where our attention goes, our life goes.  It is ALL ABOUT the PERSPECTIVE you choose to have.  Change your thoughts, change your life.