Happy Valentine’s Day from THELOVE4HAPPINESS


This is one of my favorite love quotes!

With where I am at in my life, it almost speaks directly to my heart.  

I love the relationship that I have with myself.

To be honest, I have most fun when I am doing the things that I love with myself.

Not to say that adding another person into the equation takes the fun out of it, because it doesn’t.
What I am saying, is that because I am happy (not everyday all day, but overall) with the relationship between myself and I, I am very picky with who I choose to allow in my love circle.  

With that being said, if I happen to come upon another person who loves the ME I love, I would have trouble letting that person out of my love circle.


I think the most important relationship is with ourselves.

How can we create a healthy and happy relationship with someone else if we haven’t taken the time to create one with ourselves?

The relationship with ourselves is more or less the ground work for how the relationships with others will play out in our lives.

Treat yourself to something special today.  Celebrate the love that connects each and every one of us together.

Spread love and cheer wherever you go today.  You may be surprised by what you receive back!

ENJOY, everyone.

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