What if Money was no Object? #INSPIRINGVIDEO

This video really resonates with me.  For the past four years or so I have dedicated much of my time exploring what it is that makes my heart smile.  I have worked for a few different companies and although I learned and experienced a great deal from each job, none of them ever felt quite right.

I wanted more passion in my life!  I wanted to feel fulfilled everyday I left work and excited everyday I went to work.

So I began writing, meditating, thinking, and believing that one day soon, I would find that something that made my heart jump for joy. That day came and I later realized, I had known my passion all along. This new endeavor only showed me another channel to express my passion through and make a living while doing so.

Now there are many skeptics out there saying that you can’t achieve your dreams because they aren’t realistic or there isn’t money to be made.  However, if you look within and follow your heart, it will never lead you astray.

If you feel like you can relate to my story, yet haven’t found your niche, then it is time to open the door towards self-realization.  Get to know yourself on a deeper level.  Spend some quality time with yourself, begin to meditate, write down your thoughts, and/or do something everyday that makes your heart smile.

Many people travel down the so called ‘guided’ path through life.  As if our lives should be in corespondence with a time line that says when we should go to college, when we should graduate, and what job we should take.  The the road less traveled is where your life truly begins.  You go in as one person and along the way evolve into the person you never thought possible.  The path less traveled is what awakens your heart and confronts your fears.  So don’t be afraid to go out on a limb, becuase that is where the fruit is. 🙂

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