Mulan *Quote* Rainy & Sunny Days.

This quote is true for all of us. We all witness and experience days of sunshine and days of rain, literally and figuratively. The rainy days pass and we welcome the sunshine with open arms. When we open our arms for the sun, we hold the knowledge from the previous rainy days, which helps guide us on the path we are currently traveling on.

Rainy days build character, challenge us to become better individuals, and awaken us to our true potential. And although our vision becomes blurry during those moments of down pour, it is our responsibility to remember that the rain is guiding and helping us, rather than making our lives miserable. We must take on a new meaning for these rainy days, as to not allow them to effect us so negatively. Is is not an easy task, but when practiced, the most rewarding feeling! 🙂

As Paulo Coelho once said, If you only walk on Sunny Days you will never reach your destination.

We must live for both sunny and rainy days for us to reach our true potential. Be grateful for the rainy days, as they will lead you to greater days!

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