21-Day Meditation Challenge by Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra is offering one of his FREE 21-day Guided Mediation Challenges on November 5th!

This is SO exciting!

I participated in Deepak’s last 21-day meditation challenge three months ago. I can honestly say, from the bottom of my heart, that it was one of the best choices I have ever made!

Meditation allowed me to see my life through a clearer lens. It helped me become more aware of my thoughts and realize how each one of them effected me negatively or positively throughout the day. I began to sleep better and I felt more at peace with myself and others.

Although it has only been three months, much has changed in my life. I decided it was time to set new intentions and take control of my life in a more happy and positive direction.

After the challenge I began writing every morning. I dedicated 30 days to document my thoughts in pursuit of discovering my “Working Passion”. At the time I was working for a great company and enjoyed it. However, I knew deep down that it wasn’t a job which would fulfill me much longer.

About a week into my morning writings I stumbled upon an idea. I was in a coffee shop and while browsing through their greeting cards, one caught my eye. It had a very nice picture with a thoughtful message next to it. I thought to myself, “Hmm I can do that!”.

“I love to inspire others and I also enjoy graphic design. Why not combine the two and create something unique and special?” I thought.

And that is exactly what I did!

I left my job, unexpectedly, and began diving into the Greeting Card Business. And although I am not a HUGE company by any means, I took a chance! I took a leap of faith and now I am creating and selling cards which inspire me and hopefully inspire others as well!

This blog post is not about tooting my own horn, because it hasn’t been all sunshine! But, at the end of the day, believing in myself is what guided me to this point in my life; Never giving up and continually pursuing my heart’s desires.
Maybe you don’t know what your heart desires? Here is the chance to open another door and create a new path for yourself. I truly believe participating in this meditation challenge is one step closer to opening your eyes to your true potential!

Committing to the 21-day meditation challenge was the first step on the path I am now creating. It allowed me to become more aware of myself, the present moment, and my life’s purpose. If you already know your life’s passion, do it for your mind, body, and soul. It is life-changing for anyone and everyone who decides to take part in this challenge!

I would love to hear stories and people’s thoughts after the challenge is finished!



NOTE: By clicking on the “Links” above you will be directed to Deepak’s website and his Guided Meditation Challenge Page.

2 thoughts on “21-Day Meditation Challenge by Deepak Chopra

  1. Thank you for sharing this artcile! :)This is are my favorites quotes:***What bothers me is that the real goal of relationship is being undermined, and that goal is a bond that makes a man and woman much more than two people who happen to connect.******The spiritual goal of both sexes is to discover their true self, which blends Shiva and Shakti, the deep potential that gives rise to all the qualities of masculinity and femininity.******So what kind of man has become wise about women?-Someone who values making love, not just reaching orgasm-Someone who has learned to care for others, not simply take care of them as a provider-Someone whose masculine strength is kept in quiet reserve, not broadcast as boasting, dominating and showing aggression-Someone who makes decisions based on intuition-Someone who realizes that reason is made stronger by emotions, not weaker******It’s humbling for the average man to look upon his wife or partner as his spiritual teacher, but in the most honest relationships, both are teachers.******Yet I meet many women who feel equal enough; that isn’t their problem. Their problem is feeling unfulfilled. The negative side of this feeling is a sense of anxiety about their existence or vague depression.******After all, arriving at more freedom and equality isn’t an end unto itself. Freedom is a platform for greater fulfillment, meaning that it allows new desires to reach their goal. What are these new desires?-Relating to men emotionally, with trust that your feelings are valued and won’t be judged.-Bonding at a deep level, with complete trust that you are accepted.-Exploring who you really are and who your partner really is in other words, discovering your soul.-Letting love and intimacy grow without imposing boundaries or letting fear get in the way.- Following a higher purpose together.-Living in accord with Nature and not despoiling the planet.-Raising a generation of children who can be more fulfilled than this generation.As you can see, this outline of a spiritual relationship amounts to a kind of grand vision ******The world’s wisdom traditions mostly talk in the singular, about how one soul can reach heaven or enlightenment or Nirvana. Yet human beings have always been social, and the growth of the individual leaving aside the small fraction of people suited to be monks and recluses occurs in a family setting. Looking around today, one sees countless families where inner growth is wanted, yet it’s not an easy subject to talk about.******The spiritual side of life in modern society has been divorced from real life, meaning the material side.******This means that in order to close the gap between the two sexes and achieve a spiritual relationship, men have to be aware that they have a part to play, and women have to speak up about their deepest desires. The path begins with honesty and willingness.******I realize that men tend to be blamed for being too controlling, emotionally distant, afraid of intimacy, and absorbed in work far more than in relationship. Instead of issuing these blanket complaints, we need to begin where we are. Both sexes are under the same external pressures and subject to stereotyping. The only way to get out of that situation is through a process. Processes take time, yet in the end results are reached. The process of growing spiritually happens one person at a time, which is fortunate, because nobody has to pursue a grand design for transformation. All you need is the right partner, and fulfilling that need begins by saying what you want, what you dream about for yourself, and what kind of fulfillment is lacking.***Deepak Chopra used vibrant language to express this new visions and agreements and I like it very much:) Language to me is an agreement to put the assemblage point in the position it is right now. The position where we dream forward (speak forward) new agreements we need to make, so our energy can be used differently rather then just focusing on the experience of pain. Of “giving” and “taking” pain.Language is “talking” and shaping you -in and out- to a position of the assemblage point for dualities. It is shaping our world and cannot be separated from this perception, but it’s a mystery at the same time and we don’t have another language yet, we all agree upon. But the change will invent one;)I like being here and use language, but sometimes there is no need for language. And if there is, then for a healthy one: simple and honest, without attachment to it, but with awareness for responsibility. Love,Bari

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