Evan Garcia GoPro Video! #WhiteWaterKayaking

My boyfriend, Evan Garcia, has an unbeatable passion for whitewater kayaking! Paddling ever since he was a young boy, it has now become his life, passion, and love. He travels the world searching for class five white water. He has an unmeasurable liberty while pursuing his passion. It is humbling to witness, as Evan embarks on kayaking 100 foot waterfalls, paddles rivers most of us will never see, and ventures to the most remarkable and beautiful sights of nature.

Now that Evan has made a name for his self in the sport of whitewater kayaking, he utilizes his unique filming abilities to share with the world his adventures of kayaking and the explorations he finds while doing so.

He put together this five-minute video to show everyone a glimpse of what he does and how he captures his footage while on the river. All of this video is captured on a small Go Pro camera. It is amazing that we are able to see his explorations and days on the river through this tiny camera he can attach to his helmet and kayak!


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