Think Small: Alastair Humphreys at TEDxOxbridge

Wow! I found a video that held my attention for longer than 10 minutes! Not to say that I don’t find videos inspiring if they are 10 minutes or shorter, but I haven’t found a inspiring video that has held my attention in a little white! 🙂 (That also may be because I haven’t been looking ;)) shhhh…

Well this video inspired me! Alastair Humphreys talks about worthwhile adventures- big or small adventures. He quotes it ever so very nicely when he says, “Adventure is just about doing something you’ve never done— doing it with enthusiasm and curiosity: doing something difficult with… passion.”
That was KEY for me. Without having watched the video and only seeing that last part of his quote, I knew this video was going to be a hit!

I love adventure, but at times I think it needs to be over the top to be actually called an adventure. That is not true. We can do small things that we have never done before and call it an adventure… like riding your bike to work or taking a new route to work.

I love writing, inspiring people, listing to other’s inspiring stories, being with nature, traveling, creating art work… so if I could combine all that I love and make it into some type of adventure I think the outcome would be amazing!

We must begin somewhere even if it is small. SMALL is good! It is a start that could lead to something great!

ENJOY the TEDx Talk video by Alastair Humphreys. Cheers! 🙂

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