Happy Exit, Next Right! :)

Inner Happiness, Self-Love, and Self-growth cannot be manifested over night. Just as becoming a better athlete takes months and months of training and dedication, so does self-growth.

If we want to seek positive changes, we must take responsibility for every area of our lives and commit to becoming better people.

When I first embarked on my journey, I was a very unhappy young woman. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do in life, I was in a dysfunctional relationship, which consumed every part of me, and I was surrounding myself with people who brought the worst out in me.
I had reached my limit and I knew it was time to make significant changes in my life so I could become happier.

Throughout a two-year span I tried as hard I as I possibly could to make substantial shifts in my life. Although at times I struggled and felt as if there was no light shining on my path, I kept pushing myself until I reached a place of contentment.

And today, I continue to work on improving myself, daily. There are no tricks, but only the ample want and desire to better yourself!
Take time each day or different times throughout the day to remind yourself of who you are, what you stand for, and what you want in life. Then strive for that each day and I can promise you that your life will become more rewarding and fulfilling!

You must first take a step in the right direction! Commit yourself, do the work, and watch your life transform.

Below I have listed the positive changes I made in my life throughout the past three years and habits I continue to work on daily.

1. I read every self-help book that I thought would help me become happier.
2. I left where I was living and the people I was surrounding myself with.
3. I moved back home to re-center myself.
4. Traveled.
5. Realized that my thoughts were causing me pain so I made a New Years resolution to start controlling my thoughts or at least be more aware of them.
6. Started trying to live in the moment, forgetting about the past, and allowing the future to be the future.
7. Wrote A LOT!!! (Expressed myself)
8. Surrounded myself with loving and supportive friends.
9. Listened to my heart, not my head.
10. Fell in love with myself.
11. Fell in love with a great and loving young man.
12. Created a Happiness Blog.
13. Dedicated time for myself, daily.
14. Found a new passion, unexpectedly.
15. Traveled again and had a life changing experience.
16. Began meditating daily.

Practices I continue to work on…
1. Living in the moment
2. Controlling my thoughts
3. Meditation
4. Living life through my heart not my head (ego).
5. Place no judgments upon anyone, including myself.
5. Leave my ego aside.
6. Gratitude Journals.
7. Happiness Journals.
8. Writing
9. Seek the positives in all situations! There is always something great to take away from a hard time.
10. Replacing thoughts of limitation to thoughts of abundance.
11. Continue to accept and love my body just as it is!

The only person holding you back from a beautiful life is yourself! It is hard to digest, but once you accept this fact you will be able to move forward and slowly change the way you view your life and yourself. You must start somewhere!

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