Performing Kindness Towards Others :)

As I was waiting in line at the coffee shop today, the barista announced that their credit card machine was not working. A couple started to turn around and head for the door, only to be stopped by a man who offered to buy them their coffee.

I love witnessing these types of situations! Its a very refreshing feeling, seeing strangers looking out for one another.

The man seemed pleased with himself, while the couple looked happily surprised and appeared very grateful.

I Love it!

Performing random acts of kindness towards others, is something we could all work on. It generates great feelings within and can also assist in creating more smiles in this world:)


One thought on “Performing Kindness Towards Others :)

  1. Ο/Η anonimos 1 λέει:kursare tha se preakalasw na digrapseis ayto to video giati exei prokalesei terastio provlima se mena ai sti kserw pws vrethike sti katoxi sou alla tha se preakalasw na diagraftei..eyxaristw..

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