Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Attitude.

It is so easy to get caught up in one’s own thoughts. When we begin to think a certain way and come to believe it as truth, our emotions will follow that way of thinking, and our attitude will change with it.

For the past week I have allowed my mind to win the day. Let me explain what I mean by this…

Work has been a little challenging the past few days. I began thinking nugatory thoughts, which were only bringing me down. Thoughts such as: I don’t want to work here anymore, I am angry that I have to work on this project, I wish I could be working on my wedding project rather than production, and so on and so on… hopefully you get the picture;)

This negative thinking was causing my emotions to change, along with my attitude. What you think about, you bring about!

I went through 2 or 3 days where I was fine in the morning, and then once I realized I had to work on production for most of the day, my thoughts instantly changed. Once my thoughts changed, my emotions and my attitude changed too. I became sad, silent, and closed off to my co workers- and ultimately to myself.

Yesterday, I promised myself that this behavior I had brewed was coming to an end. I was either going to communicate how I felt about it, or I would give it a week and see how I felt then.

So yesterday when I realized that I would be working on production most of the day, rather then my wedding project, I felt the frustration rising inside me. I felt the thoughts I described above, generating within my mind. However, I stopped them. I did not let them win me over today!
I ceased my thought process and brought myself back to the present moment.
I was listening to a song at the time, so I focused my mind on that one song. I sang the lyrics to the song, felt the beat and the singers voice, and basically connected to that song so my mind would stop. It took about a minute or two for my emotions to change, along with my attitude. I had overcome my mind and it was a great feeling! 🙂

While I would prefer to work on my wedding project, there is no need to create a day of sadness for myself.
I decided that I would work on production and hopefully as our company grows, I could be more focused on weddings. If these feelings continue, I will not ignore them, but I will give it some time to see if things change. There is no need to get ahead of myself when I don’t know what the future holds.

So if you are feeling sad or down, get out of your head and back to the present moment. Take a step back from the situation and try to realize it is not as bad as you are making it out to be. And stop those negative thoughts from creating a bad day for yourself.

Create a great day for yourself!


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