Live 4 right now!

“Do not dwell in the past, do not dream of the future, but concentrate the mind on the present moment.” – Buddha

Living in the moment…

This is a topic that has improved my life in numerous ways. I cannot express how beneficial it is to live in the present moment, forgetting about the past but learning from your mistakes, and keeping the future a distance from your mind.

Two years ago, I started my search for inner happiness. At that time I was feeling pretty down and needed a lift in a positive direction. I started reading every type of self-help book I could get my hands on. Books on self-love, inner happiness, personal growth, really any type of book I thought would help enhance my life. Throughout my search, I continually found material on living in the moment. It seemed so easy to live in the moment, and I presumed that I had attained this new approach to life, however I realized later, that I had only touched the surface;)

Now two years later, all my hard work is finally paying off:) I have trained my mind to live for each and every moment. Of course I cannot live in the moment every second of the day, however, that is the goal I would like to achieve.

Let me explain why I think living in the moment is so crucial. I’ll list a few real life experiences and then do my best to explain how this new way of life has created a feeling of peace and happiness within, and relieved me from my negative thoughts and ways, and how it can for you as well:)

My life experiences:
Below I have listed three real life experiences that have generated pain in my life; all of which I unknowingly created for myself.

Lesson 1: obsessing about my weight
Lesson 2: worrying about my future and getting caught up in the past.
Lesson 3: toxic relationships

Lesson 1:
I have had problems with being confident with my size and body since the 8th grade. I was nowhere near over weight, but I believed I was fat and needed to be skinnier. I began dieting and only allowing myself to eat certain foods. I was brain washing myself with untrue thoughts about my body, and a year later I had transformed my negative thoughts into reality. I was overweight and unhappy. Remember: What you think about, you bring about.

Now, 10 years later I am very hopeful that I am close to overcoming this obstacle I created for myself. I am working on abolishing my old delusive thoughts and replacing them with positive and gratifying thoughts. Living in the present has helped me to do so.

You see, when a worrisome thought arises about my weight, such as, what did I eat today? Or, when should I work out and for how long? Or, I need to eat healthier because I’ll get fat. I STOP myself immediately and bring myself back to the living moment. I will not allow my mind to control me any longer. I will work out when I feel like it, and when I do work out, I’ll do exercises that feel good at that time, and I will eat healthy and when I want. There is no reason to get ahead of myself and let my mind fall into a downward spiral of negative thoughts, as I know it will only upset me. Try to keep your mind still and live for each breath.
The mind is very powerful; use it to your advantage, by controlling your thoughts to live for today!

Although I only gave one example, there are a vast amount of different areas in one’s life that can be improved upon by living this way: Relationships, work environment, death, anger and frustration, anxiety, money issues, and the list could go on…Do not let yourself get tangled up in things you have no control over (the past), or get caught up in the future, which is still to be determined. STAY PRESENT!!!!! Let the past go and let the future come naturally, as it should:)
This will bring you more happiness…

As the Dalai Lama once said…

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